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Krystal Carter

Communications Specialist

Krystal Carter earned her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing in 2018 from the University of North Florida. In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, she fearlessly embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and launched her own copywriting business. During this exciting venture, she spearheaded the transformation of entrepreneurs worldwide, enhancing their online presence and enabling them to surpass sales goals. 

Krystal brings her extensive knowledge of copy creation, SEO, and creativity into the realm of Client Focused Media. As a Communications Specialist here at CFM, Krystal integrates her empathy and business acumen into every client interaction, fostering their growth and attainment of personal milestones.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Krystal enjoys leisure activities such as game nights, beach outings with her family, and indulging in theatrical performances.

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Communications Specialist

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