Get Better ROI with Programmatic Advertising Solutions

The programmatic landscape is changing. Ensure that your spending will deliver strong results—We ensure Centro provides a solution to target the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. Using a myriad of channels such as search, social, display, native, audio, and connected tv, Basis has proven to generate the greatest ROI. What’s more, no other company can provide the highest caliber in both service and product than Centro and Client Focused Media.


Programmatic advertising solves many things from media, team, and business perspectives. Incorporating a programmatic advertising strategy can help a business gain a wider audience reach, more growth, and increased returns on budget.

More Control​​​
Manage all digital media campaigns across mobile, video, display, audio, connected TV and native.

Increased Transparency
Clients will have a clear insight to their ad spend.

Unique Targeting Capabilities
Reach your ideal customer with sophisticated targeting. Basis’ robust inventory directory is the largest curated directory in the industry and spans across all channels and devices.
Data-Driven Optimizations
Algorithmic or machine learning optimization tools to make smart decisions within Centro’s artificial intelligence engine. Programmatic Advertising enables clients to combine powerful reach with pinpoint targeting, utilizing both human and artificial intelligence that ingests real-time decision making data.

Platform – Combined our exchanges reach 97% of the Web, and 75% of Connected TV.

Why does it work?

The ability for real-time optimization, across multiple channels, is what drives performance. Empowered across all exchanges, utilizing this platform, CFM is able to extend your brand globally, across:

  • Display
  • Native
  • Online Radio
  • Mobile
  • OTT (Connected TV)
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