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Let our team of world-class writers create awesome, informative blog content for your website every month!

Boost Your Targeted Traffic with Expert Blog Content Writing Services

One of the best ways to increase your targeted traffic is to create an authoritative blog on your website. By creating monthly content that answers the top questions of your target audience, you’ll attract your perfect customer.

With our blog content service, you get high quality content directly to your site each month.

Our process is simple and guaranteed to get you content that you and your customers will love.

Optimized for SEO

With every article we write, we keep SEO at the front and center of the process. Every article is written to with targeted keywords positioned to help you rank highly and get more traffic from search engines.

How It Works

Just select a package, give us a few details about your site, and we’ll get started! We’ll go to work researching your niche and pitching you ideas for awesome blog posts that your audience is waiting to consume. You get to approve or reject all topics before we start writing. You can even leave suggestions if you’re not completely sold on a topic. After we finish writing the article, you get to approve or reject it before the order is closed out.

Once approved, we will deliver your article in our white label content approval hub. We can even post it directly to your blog if you’d like.


Do I get to approve topics?

Yes! We research and validate topics popular in your niche that will attract your target audience. Then we send them to you for approval. We want to make sure we hit the nail on the head every step of the way!

Can I approve the articles?

Yes! We send you drafts for approval each time, and you can send back as many times as you’d like for edits (this rarely needs to be done!).

Can you write about my industry?

Yes! Our process is journalistic in nature. We investigate high-quality sources for seed content and create a cohesive article based on facts, figures, and actionable advice.

Are these posts SEO optimized?

Yes, 100-percent. These articles are crafted to bring more traffic to your blog! This starts from the beginning of topic validation. We look for popular topics in your niche (by number of shares, number of comments, keyword popularity, etc) to make sure what we write is going to fit before we even start writing. If you have us post to your blog and have yoast installed (or similar seo plugin), we will optimize the post with an SEO title, description, short URL, focus keywords, and more.

What if I do not like the topic?

If you’ve already covered that topic or don’t like it, you can reject it. You can reject the topic to request a keyword change, edits to the title and description, or just request a new topic altogether. However, please note that once a topic is approved and a writer gets started, the topic can’t be changed.

What if I don’t like the article?

If there are certain edits that need to be made to make the article better for you, just let us know. Click the “reject” button and leave your requests or feedback in the box. You can also attach a document with your suggested revisions or edit requests.

What is your average TAT?

You can expect to see a completed blogging order 2-3 weeks from when you place it.

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