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Taylor Hayes

Web Specialist

Hailing from Fairfax, Virginia, Taylor studied at James Madison University, where she majored in Computer Information Systems. Upon graduation, she specialized as a business consultant and data analyst for various Fortune 500 companies. Concurrently, Taylor took to social media to chronicle her journey to paying off her student loan debt, which ultimately resonated with thousands who shared similar aspirations. Documenting her path to financial freedom on social media laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial venture, “Imperfect Taylor”.

In a twist of fate in 2023, Taylor found herself at the doors of Client Focused Media for an interview about “Imperfect Taylor”, and fatefully became a part of the team. Now, Taylor is a web specialist for Client Focused Media which allows her to seamlessly blend the skills honed in her tech background with her experience in blogging and social media. For her, it’s a harmonious convergence and the best of both worlds.

Beyond the confines of computers, you’ll spot Taylor at the beach, armed with her journal and a personal development book, savoring lattes from local coffee shops, playing basketball and pickleball, or cherishing moments with her 3 year old chocolate lab, Bogey.

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