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Nic Jankowski

Executive Account Manager

Nicholas Jankowski is an accomplished Account Manager at Client Focused Media, bringing a
fresh and enthusiastic perspective to his role. With three years of experience in the company, he
has been an integral part of the company’s success.

Nicholas holds a degree in Communications from Florida Southern College, where he achieved
an exceptional 3.98 GPA while double majoring in Musical Theatre. His educational background
has equipped him with a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking.

At Client Focused Media, Nicholas began his journey as an intern in the video production team
and rapidly climbed the ranks to become an executive video producer, Communication
Specialist, and eventually an Account Manager. His diverse experience has given him a deep
understanding of client needs and a passion for delivering high-quality work that exceeds

Nicholas thrives on the satisfaction of making clients smile when they see the exceptional
quality of work produced by the team. He values the opportunity to learn something new from
each client, as their diverse perspectives enrich his personal and professional growth.
With a joyful and optimistic approach, Nicholas brings a contagious energy to his work. His
perseverance and steady work ethic enable him to overcome challenges and find innovative
solutions. He firmly believes in a people-first approach, recognizing that every client deserves
the best service possible.

Outside of work, Nicholas’s commitment to service extends to his involvement as an Eagle
Scout, where he actively participated in community clean-ups, donation drives, and fundraising
efforts. In his leisure time, he enjoys cooking unique recipes, indulging in video games and new
movie releases, playing engaging board games, and cherishing moments with friends and

Nicholas Jankowski is a dedicated and passionate professional who goes above and beyond to
achieve client success while constantly fostering personal growth and making a positive impact
in both his professional and personal life.

Executive Account Manager

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